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Money Working Group
Mone Working Group

​​“When you’re so low, you don’t have that ‘want’ to go looking for help online or go to interviews.” - Community Commissioner speaking out in the Money Working Group

“DWP Advisors and Job Coaches should be aware of and be sharing all the money advice services that are available in Dundee.” - Community Commissioner speaking out in the Money Working Group

“We don’t need more leaflets or flyers. If you’re struggling, it’s hard to put to use a leaflet. It’s hard to engage.” - Community Commissioner speaking out in the Money Working Group

“When you have to go to service after service, you get to the point of ‘**** it!’” - Community Commissioner speaking out in the Money Working Group




We all need it. We all want it. Most of us get by, with a few treats thrown in. But for some people in our city, there just isn’t enough money to pay for basics – heating, food, rent, and transport. As the weather becomes colder over winter we know people will be sitting at home with no heating, unable to afford that extra cost. But where do we start? How can we help? The Money Working Group has been exploring this huge issue, and narrowing it down to a local level where change can be effected. 


Here are some of the issues we’ve identified over the last few months:


  • Many people in Dundee are just barely scraping by and are unaware of the financial support that is available to them.


  • People are falling into rent arrears and not responding to their tenancy officers.


  • People who are in financial distress often feel that they are treated with disrespect when dealing with service providers.


  • Many people in Dundee aren’t able to make ends meet even when they’re working.


Here are some of the actions we’re planning to take:


We know there are a number of good money support organisations in Dundee, but lots of people aren’t aware of them. We’re planning to run a campaign bringing together all the financial services in Dundee (statutory and third sector), running benefit and income maximisation days across the city, to increase awareness of the support available.


Commissioners have been invited to trial Dundee City Councils new Google Map that maps all of the financial services in Dundee, prior to launch.


Hillcrest Housing Association has invited Commissioners to look at how they communicate with tenants who find themselves in rent arrears, and work together to improve this.​​

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