What is Dundee Fighting For Fairness...

Members from the previous Fairness Commissions (see the 'Our History' tab) worked towards becoming an independent and was granted status as a SCIO in 2020.
The group continues to be a voice for people in poverty in Dundee, holding the Dundee Partnership accountable to the recommendations that came out of the Fairness Commissions. They are currently in the process of visiting other likeminded groups to gain inspiration and advice. They are also working with the Dundee Partnership to set up the Fairness Leadership Panel that will oversee the Fairness work happening in Dundee.
The video below is an interview that Jacky had done with Andrew and Adele for a Joseph Rowantree Foundation Conference back in June 2019. It gives some insight to the purpose of DFFF. *Please ignore message at the end of the interview.*
DFFF Purposes.JPG