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What is Dundee Fighting For Fairness...


Dundee Fighting for Fairness, or commonly shortened to DFFF, is a small collective of Dundonians with various life experiences, networks, and influences that is striving to be a voice for people facing poverty and inequality in Dundee. DFFF acts as a bridge between the community and the ‘powers that be’. Through their experiences and expertise, they work to change and influence policies that are unfair to the most vulnerable and marginalised in our city.


How is Dundee Fighting For Fairness a bridge between the community and the ‘powers that be’?

Often, members’ personal experiences don’t go far enough and DFFF needs to know more about different issues or topics. They collaborate with local community groups and individuals to gain a broader understanding of the issues and topics that the community is struggling with. They also ask for solutions from the community to learn what would make it better for people.

When DFFF has gathered information and solutions, they then approach services to begin a dialogue with them about making Dundee a fairer city. These services range from housing associations, the Council, NHS Tayside, local colleges and universities, and many more.

DFFF is also part of Dundee’s Fairness Leadership Panel. This Panel was formed in late 2021 and was created to push forward the work of Dundee’s Fairness Action Plan (the Action Plan is the City’s pledge and strategy to tackle poverty and inequality in Dundee). DFFF’s role in the Fairness Leadership Panel is to make sure that the Council & other Service Providers are seeking the advice and guidance of people with lived experience of financial insecurity and other inequalities.


Below is a mind map of DFFF's main priorities:

DFFF Purposes.JPG
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