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NHS Mental Health Support Service

A commissioner took this photo of a board in the waiting area of a local NHS mental health support service. We’ve heard from many commissioners that a sign like this can be quite daunting if you’re struggling with your mental health. What does this sign make you think or feel? What would you like to see on this board?

The Mental Health Working Group have included this photo and this question into their questionnaire, and here is just some of the feedback we’ve gotten so far…

· “Why have it? – very negative. Made me feel like I have to go no matter what – it doesn’t take into account why someone couldn’t make an appointment, usually there’d be a good reason. There should be something about how many DID attend – that’s more positive.”

· “If I saw that, I’d just walk out again.”

· “Annoyed people not showing – denying others of opportunity.”

· “If it’s taken 2-4 months to get an appointment, they’ve probably forgot about it or are even worse by that point – which is why they haven’t made their appointment. Should be positive messages – we’re here to help.”

· “It’s condescending.”

· “It’s accusatory.”

· “Very negative. Almost makes you feel like you’ve done something wrong when you’re there.”

· “Seeing that people haven’t attended makes me angry. I could have had one of those slots, have to wait long enough as it is.”

· “It takes a lot to attend. Makes me feel bad – think about how bad health has to be not being able to attend. I can relate to this and I don’t want people thinking bad of me when I’m unable to attend.”

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