Full Commission Reflections

At our Full Commission meeting last week, we reflected on some quotes and statistics from the Mental Health Questionnaire that the Mental Health group has designed. *these statistics are only generated from 75% of the responses, as not all responses had been gathered at the time* WHAT DO THESE THINGS MAKE YOU THINK/FEEL? “It's stressful not being able to afford basic needs and depressing not being able to afford treats. A barrage of negativity.” 38% of people regularly struggle to afford food “I have no money to do anything. I am on Universal Credit, no money for treats or experiences for my daughter.” 60% of people struggle to buy treats “Because not being able to afford things for yourself

Stigma Survey

Over the past year, we have heard many stories of people feeling stigmatised when they try to ask for help. Asking for financial support, mental health support, housing support, medical support, or seeking any other sort of support is hard enough on its own! But then you add feeling judged, not listened to, guilt, and disrespected to the mix and it makes the struggle that much harder. We would like to hear people’s experiences of feeling stigmatised when asking for support AND ideas and suggestions on what would make accessing support better. If you have some ideas or have a story to tell, please consider taking a few minutes to fill in this Survey Monkey. We will be collecting responses unt

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