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Full Commission Reflections

At our Full Commission meeting last week, we reflected on some quotes and statistics from the Mental Health Questionnaire that the Mental Health group has designed. *these statistics are only generated from 75% of the responses, as not all responses had been gathered at the time* WHAT DO THESE THINGS MAKE YOU THINK/FEEL?

“It's stressful not being able to afford basic needs and depressing not being able to afford treats. A barrage of negativity.”

38% of people regularly struggle to afford food

“I have no money to do anything. I am on Universal Credit, no money for treats or experiences for my daughter.”

60% of people struggle to buy treats

“Because not being able to afford things for yourself has a negative impact on your self-worth, which means I'm unable to buy things that would make me feel a bit better about myself and give me a boost.”

40% of people regularly struggle to afford to pay gas/electric

“I have to rely on my parents for help but this makes me feel humiliated that I have to ask for help from them and others. I feel my stress increases cos I’m unable to do things with my kids. I can only see to necessities.”

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