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Autumn Update

We have had a busy couple of months since our last update.

We had our first face to face meeting in over a year.

Members had the opportunity to meet with the Cabinet Secretary Social Justice, Housing and Local Government Shona Robison. We shared with her our recommendations from the Fairness Commission Report, explain the work of Dundee Fighting For Fairness and posed some questions about how Covid-19 in the way the government response to issues.

We began to work with the Senior Manager of Council Advice Services and his team to discuss ways to support people through the fuel crisis this winter.

During Challenge Poverty Week, we ran an interactive workshop for 40 attendees on the unequal impact of Covid-19 has had on people struggling with financial insecurity, based on real scenarios in Dundee.

Members met with Civic and Political leaders of the Council to keep moving the Fairness agenda along and plan ways to make sure things are getting done.

The rest of 2021 is looking really busy.


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