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Winter Update

We have been busy over the last couple of months.

Dundee Fighting For Fairness has worked together with Dundee City Council and the Dundee Partnership to create the Dundee Fairness Leadership Panel. The panel will work towards making sure that Dundee’s Fairness Action Plan is carried out by monitoring progress, instigating new commitments and contributing to each new annual plan. We had our first, virtual, Fairness Leadership Panel meeting in November 2021. Still laying the groundwork for the group. Watch this space.

In 2018 DFFF recommended that there needed to be a 24/7 Mental Health Centre in Dundee. This Centre is finally becoming a reality and is set to be launched in 2022. Dundee Fighting For Fairness began working with the Stakeholder group for this Centre in November to make sure that the voice’s from the community are beginning in the design and development of the Centre.

Members worked with the Senior Manager of Council Advice Services and his team to launch the Fuel Well scheme for the winter of 2021/2022. The Council was keen to hear DFFF's thoughts on how to make the application process a better experience for people, how to make the scheme better than last year's, and ways to make the most positive impacts for households. The Scheme hit double it's applications from last year within the first three weeks of the scheme opening. DFFF will meet with the Council again in the spring to discuss plans for helping people next winter.

Met with DCC Housing Manager to discuss the last Commission's recommendations on fuel and how to make homes more energy efficient.

Many members of DFFF work with or support local community food projects across the city. DFFF believes that there are more dignified ways to access food when in need rather than foodbanks. Because of this belief DFFF gave feedback to the Scottish Government Foodbank Consultation.

The rest of our winter and this coming spring will be full steam ahead. Follow our blog and our twitter for more updates.


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