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Dundee Fighting for Fairness Report 2018

On the 29th November, Dundee Fighting for Fairness launched it's 12 recommendations towards making Dundee a Fairer city.

These recommendations came after 7 months of listening to Commissioner's personal experience of poverty and inequality in the city and then 10 months working in groups hearing from the wider community of Dundee.

The groups focused on 3 areas: Stigma, Mental Health, and People & Money. They led focus groups, conducted questionnaires, and connected with hundreds of people with personal experience of inequalities in these 3 areas. They also met with local politicians, chief executives, strategic planning groups, and project managers of organisations that could make huge positive changes in these areas.

These recommendations are a mixture of simple things that could be done right away and have a positive impact on people, but also some 'blue sky' thinking that really challenges the status quo of the way things are currently done.

The 29th also marked the end of this current Commission but in 2019 the Commissioners will continue to explore how they can work together to challenge and hold these organisations accountable in new and different ways, so keep watching this space! In the meantime, have a look at our report:

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