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Fairness Commission Themes Chosen

Last week, the Fairness Commission chose the 3 themes that they want to invest in over the next 10 months and produce recommendations for how Dundee can be fairer in these areas

There were 7 themes that have been consistently brought up over the past 6 months that they chose from:

  1. Treatment from Staff – the DWP and other organisations

  2. Childcare and the Cost of Family Activities

  3. Access to Appropriate Work

  4. Universal Credit

  5. Disability – informed by stories about ESA/PIP/DLA, assessment times and processes, and lack of understanding

  6. Food & Fuel Poverty

  7. Inappropriate Housing – informed by stories about fear of homelessness, fear of where you live, and private landloards)

We asked Commissioners to pair up and look at these themes and all the evidence behind them.

Each Commissioner got 3 buttons and chose 3 themes that they thought could potentially bring some change to in Dundee (these are the themes/issues we’ll carry through into working groups and become a key focus for the next phase of the Commission).

We then discussed as a wider group and allowed people to respond to the themes that were chosen and not chosen. Commissioners asked if we could address the themes that weren’t chosen at upcoming Full Commission meetings


  • Treatment From Staff

  • Disability

  • Food & Fuel Poverty

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