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Fairer Scotland Gathering

At the end of November, 3 Commissioners and the community worker went through to Edinburgh to take part in the Fairer Scotland Gathering – an opportunity for people from the

  • Edinburgh Poverty Commission

  • Glasgow Poverty Truth Community

  • North Ayrshire Fair for All Commission

  • Shetland Voices for Equality

  • Dundee Fairness Commission

to come together and share what they think are the key themes for the Scottish Government to talk about in their next Fairer Scotland Conversation.

They spent their first day gathering and sharing information and personal experiences that would inform a report that they would then jointly send to the Scottish Government in a couple months.

The next day they headed to the Scottish Parliament where they had a meeting with Aileen Campbell, Cabinet Secretary for Communities and Local Government to present a rough outline of what had been discussed the day before and asked her to take special notice when their report comes through.

One of our Commissioners co-chaired the meeting with Aileen Campbell! He was very proud that he had the opportunity to share with her some of the issues we’re all facing.

We really enjoyed meeting and connecting with people from all over Scotland and hearing that we’re not alone in our struggles. "It feels that our voice will be made stronger when we have opportunities like this to gather and unite our voice."


A Fairer Scotland Report (21 Feb)
Download PDF • 206KB

Fairer Scotland Group in front of New Parliament House

Dundee Fairness Commissioners checking out the Christmas market


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