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Food and Fuel Group Update

The Food and Fuel group are hearing a lot of concerns about being able to afford fuel this winter. This is some of the stuff we have heard:

“Being at home my utilities bills huge, I cannot sustain the costs”

“being home, cook more, heat more, wash more now school back wash more. worry more bills big for winter.”

“I'm concerned my direct debit will go up so I'm covered for the winter months.”

"Been using a lot more gas and electric with being at home more which has caused my fuel debt to be an extortionate amount. Can't seem to get my head out the sand to face that debt.”

“Winter is always a problem for me with heating costs. I struggle every year to find enough money for heating. If lockdown restrictions continue for older people, I’ll be at home more often and need to use heating more often.”

The group met with DEEAP last night to discus some of these concerns and will continue to work with them over the coming months to make sure community concerns are heard.


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